20. Nathan Pearson (Nat, Eric Cartman)


Favourite sportsperson and why? Michael Jordan, Inspiring and done it all
If you were down to your last $20, what would you spend it on? Id Buy 2 $10 Notes
If you were stuck on a deserted island, which teammate would you want to be stuck with and why? Little Widdo, he knows his way out of things
What teammate is most likely to avoid paying for a shout when you are out? Lachy Viv, his old man's tight with money, he'd be the same
If you could be another teammate for a week, who would it be, and why? Jeff Czajkowski, I want to learn how to bowl big outties at Training
Tell us something that nobody knows about you... Ive Never been Overseas
Describe how your teammates view you in 3 words... The Little Pearso
Describe Roger in one word... Committed