Player Profiles

The Simpsons Style....




  Barney - The Drunk             Bart - The cheeky brat        Carl - The Dark Guy



 Lenny - Quiet but dumb      Sideshow Bob - Angry Hair        Cletus - Resident Hillbilly



Smithers - Skinny Nerd            Martin - The Smart Kid          Dolph - The Quiet Kid




Ralph - Dumb Nose Picker  Chief Wiggum - The Chief in Charge  Jesse - The Blonde Guy



Snake - Big Hair or Big Head   WolfCastle - The Muscly Guy   Lou - Chief Wiggums Offsider


 Mayor Quimby - The Main Man   Todd Flanders - The Little brother  Bumble Bee - The Guy that dresses up


Dr Hibbert - Good with the gloves   Ned -Everybody's Favourite    Colonel Tex - Our very own Colonel