Jeff Czajkowski

Secretary Anthony Armistead         
Treasurer Roger Allen    
Vice Presidents Jarrod Lewis, Taylor Gasper         
Junior's President David Milsome    
Ground Osborne Park    
  Swinburne St    
  North Geelong 3215    
Colours Black & White    
CoachJack Hall     
1st XI Captain Tom Mathieson    
2nd XI CaptainCraig Biddiscombe    
3rd XI Captain Colin Millard  
4th XI Captain Brad Brown  
5th XI CaptainCraig Elliott   
The North Geelong Cricket Club fields 5 Senior teams, 5 Junior teams, 1 Female Senior Team and 2 Junior girls Teams in The Geelong Junior Cricket Association.
It also runs a 'Woolworths Junior Blasters' campaign for the very young - both boys and girls.

North Geelong CC Club Song

"Who are, who are, who are we

We are the boys from the NCC

Roll em Roll em, Pitch em in the shit

North North Raa Raa Raa


We are the North Boys down by the Sea,

We can't be beaten as you can see.

At the end of the season,

You know the reason,

Why we are the Premiership Team!!!"