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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1135288614821142885957135Andrew FergussonNorth Geelong2018/2019Division 1 Turf 1sts6 1St Josephs
212931376914821142887369129Lachlan SzponarNorth Geelong2018/2019Division 1 Turf 2nds3 1Lara
312861557514821142888231128Nathan PearsonNorth Geelong2018/2019Synthetic Division 15 1Geelong City
412131146314821142888403121Danny TielensNorth Geelong2018/2019Synthetic Division 23 1Lara
511427090614821142888403114*Neil GrahamNorth Geelong2018/2019Synthetic Division 23 1Lara
610231376814821142885955102*Braden SzponarNorth Geelong2018/2019Division 1 Turf 1sts5 1Geelong City
710033351014821143095897100*Jon RhodesNorth Geelong2018/2019One Day 3rds4 1Lara
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 100 and 100 runs.

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